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Reliable, Doctor-Taught Healthcare Information, Artwork and Posters

The English YouTube channel features short (about 4-5 minutes) videos with common health conditions. They are ideal for patient education and for healthcare students.

Macario Camacho

El canal de YouTube en Español presenta videos cortos (alrededor de 4 a 5 minutos) con condiciones de salud comunes. Son ideales para la educación del paciente y para estudiantes.

Ear Nose Sinuses Large at

Different posters and poster sizes are available for printing. They have vibrant colors and print in high-resolution.

Nose Septum Rhinoplasty at

The posters demonstrate common head and neck anatomy and procedures.

Mission & Values

About Padre Health

Our Mission

We believe that education is the key to providing high-quality healthcare to patients. We know that it can be difficult to find reliable, high-quality educational resources.

Our Vision

We want to provide healthcare professionals with online resources and posters so they can teach their students and patients. For patients, we want to provide this website and the YouTube channel as platforms for them to learn more about their health condition.

Our Values

At Padre Health, we value quality over quantity. Each of the illustrations was carefully created by Dr. Macario Camacho, who is an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon who also enjoys drawing and creating educational content.

Dr. Camacho is pictured below and you can find his publications on google scholar and on

Macario Camacho

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