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PADRE HEALTH is a healthcare educational and instructional brand owned by PADRE HEALTH, LLC.

PADRE HEALTH (at website Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer:

You are visiting PADRE HEALTH. In order to use this website, you need to agree to and understand that PADRE HEALTH and any information on this website is provided “as is”.

PADRE HEALTH does not express warranties, does not imply warranties, does not provide assurance that any products, surgeries, information, educational content on this website is going to provide benefit to anyone or that they will not cause any harm to anyone. Despite our best efforts, there may be errors on this website and we may change the content of this website at any time.


This is a website that provides educational material on this website as well as on other platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. The material and information contained in this website and any other website or platform are not meant to provide specific medical or health advice.  The information from PADRE HEALTH (via the website) or any other platform are strictly educational in nature and do not establish a medical or healthcare provide to patient relationship.

By using sometimes referred to as this website hereafter and the content herein, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this website. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions listed below, then you must immediately terminate using this website.

  • Healthcare, medical and surgical disclaimer:  Any content in this website is meant to provide educational content for anyone who is interested in learning to include healthcare students, healthcare providers, patients and caregivers for patients. None of the information in this website should substitute for seeing a licensed healthcare provider in person (or as a virtual clinic visit). Each person and situation is different and some health conditions can be life threatening. None of the information on this website is meant to provide you with specific medical, surgical or healthcare advice. Anyone reading this website needs to recognize that a healthcare provider (such as a physician, a nurse practitioner, a physician’s assistant, etc). If you are experiencing a medical condition, then you need to seek professional healthcare evaluation and treatment. If you are having an emergency, and are in the United States, then you should call 911.

  • Purpose of PADRE HEALTH and website: this is strictly a website for educational material. The information on this website is only for educational purposes and is not meant to provide specific medical or healthcare advice. Only a licensed healthcare professional or a licensed healthcare provider that examines you can provide specific medical advice that is specific to your situation. NO MEDICAL OR HEALTHCARE ADVICE IS BEING PROVIDED ON THIS WEBSITE, AND IF YOU SHOULD SEE PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL EVALUATION IF YOU HAVE A MEDICAL OR HEALTH CONDITION.

  • Limited use and permitted uses: only adults over the age of 18 can use this website. Anyone under 18 years of age needs to have a parent or guardian use this site instead as this site is not directed to children. Any adult using this website must adhere to the terms, conditions and privacy policy of this website. This website is only to be used for non-commercial, personal use. The two exceptions are: 1) any resources that are specifically labeled to be used in clinics or specific healthcare settings, such as posters; and 2) healthcare providers can use the educational content in this website to help explain information to their patients, such as anatomical illustrations or surgical illustrations. No one is allowed to take the content from the website and display it on their own website without written permission. You can find the email address for our website on the “About” page.

  • Permission for using illustrations: If you would like to use an illustration for a presentation, book chapter, or a peer-reviewed publication, then please email us at: for written permission.

  • Limitation for Liability and Damages: PADRE HEALTH is not responsible for any injury, claim, liability, loss or damage of any kind from the use of this website. Th use of this website is at your own risk entirely, and PADRE HEALTH is not responsible for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages, fines, penalties, fees, penalties or other liabilities that arise out of the use of this website. The content of this website is strictly for educational purposes and none of the surgeries or procedures should be performed at home or performed by anyone who is not a licensed healthcare professional. If you are dissatisfied with any of the information, educational content, blogposts, or videos, then you need to stop using the website and any content from PADRE HEALTH.

  • PADRE HEALTH errors, mistakes and omissions: despite our best effort, there may be errors, mistakes and/or omissions on this website. PADRE HEALTH reserves the right to make corrections to errors, mistakes and/or omissions at any time.

  • Affiliate links or links to third-party websites: There may be a link or links to affiliate programs or third-parties in this website, or other websites in which PADRE HEALTH posts information. PADRE HEALTH does not make any warranties about the effectiveness, accuracy, functionality and/or quality of any product or information. You need to review the terms, conditions, privacy policies and/or warranties for any affiliate partner or third-party website that we link to will disclose if there is a sponsorship or an affiliate link as required by law.

  • Jurisdiction for Mediation/Arbitration: PADRE HEALTH, LLC owns PADRE HEALTH and and any dispute, controversy or claim arising from any of the content from the website shall be determined by arbitration in the state of Hawaii, in the Oahu County venue.